Hoists and lifting apparatus

Here at MTEC Scaffolding, we specialise in providing scaffolding services. Whilst this refers to the temporary structure of wood and metal poles on the outside of a building, used by construction workers, there are many other elements necessary that work with the scaffolding system in order for workers to carry out the task in hand, whether building work, repairs jobs, or cleaning.

In addition to our scaffolding services, we also provide hoists and lifting apparatus. Scaffold hoists are used to lift and lower tools, equipment and building materials throughout the scaffolding system. With these, there are multiple places that they can hook onto the scaffolding, offering a high level of flexibility and security. Hoists and lifting equipment come with varied lifting capacities, so they can meet the requirements of each task. They also offer different lifting speeds, with light loads lifted quickly improving efficiency, whilst slow speeds needed for heavier loads.

They can also ben electrically operated and controlled remotely, and hoists work in tandem with other important pieces of lifting equipment such as wire rope, which is one of the strongest and most common pieces of equipment, ideal for heavy-lifting on construction sites. Other examples of lifting apparatus include cranes and runways, motor vehicle lifts, tail lifts, cleaning cradles, telehandlers and fork lifts, goods and passenger lifts, and accessories such as fibre or rope slings, chains, hooks, eyebolts, and spready beams.

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