Scaffolding Twickenham

As a town boasting many historic structures, Twickenham is an area with a rich and diverse architectural landscape.  From maintaining the famous buildings in this postcode, to working on brand-new developments, builders from this locality are constantly busy with important and high-profile projects.  And when they need a professional and reliable scaffolding company, Twickenham contractors know they can come to MTEC Scaffolding.

Our company was established in 2008, and we have over two decades of experience in servicing the local construction trade.  In that time, we have worked on many high-profile projects, including some which have required particularly resourceful and creative solutions!  We have established such a solid reputation for scaffolding hire, Twickenham companies often cite us as their preferred partner for large and complex developments.

The diversity of well-known and iconic buildings in Twickenham is surprising.  The town is home not only to the famous rugby stadium (the largest in the world), but also to St Mary’s Church and University, several stately homes, and numerous other notable buildings in the riverside area, many of which are over two centuries old.  Maintaining the many listed building in accordance with architectural requirements has been the duty and privilege of many local contractors, and when these workers need scaffold hire in Twickenham, MTEC are just a ‘phone call away.  We don’t just have the expertise in scaffolding Twickenham building restorers need to get the job done, we also have the resources in terms of materials to provide solutions for even the most complex and demanding building projects.

Of course, most of the jobs we are involved in are new developments, or re-developments of existing sites.  No job is too large or too small for our Twickenham scaffolding teams.  To enquire about equipment hire, or to book a team of our professional scaffolding erectors, Twickenham customers can contact us by telephone or online.