Gantry Scaffolding

Gantry scaffolding platforms are used to maintain access to entranceways and other key points while building work is underway.  At MTEC, this is just one of the techniques we use to ensure our installations cause the minimum of disruption for our clients, their customers, and the general public.

The main purpose of commercial and industrial scaffolding erections is to provide safe and convenient access to any part of a structure for building, maintenance, inspection or cleaning purposes.  However, the reality of configuring scaffolding for imminent works can be more complicated than it initially sounds.  For example, erecting scaffolding for the maintenance of the façade of a high street retail premises could actually mean customers and staff have difficulty accessing the main doors, or that display windows are obscured.

Gantry scaffolding techniques allow gaps to be left beneath scaffolding erections for doors, windows, staff doorways, goods and vehicle entrances, and garage doors in residential properties.  Strong beams are used to form a bridge over the area, much like a lintel in a window opening.  The rest of the scaffolding system can then be erected around the structure.  The girders are strong enough to be used as bridges and walkways, and so can be used as temporary access routes while other structures are under repair.  A large gantry scaffold platform can even be used to support prefabricated cabins and other construction equipment, keeping it off street level.

By making use of gantry scaffolding, London developers can offer their clients a service which will minimize inconvenience and expedite works.  When you use MTEC for your site scaffolding erections, you receive the full benefit of our experience in scaffolding methods for every application.  Whether your job needs a scaffolding gantry, a temporary roof, or hoisting and lifting gear, we have an extensive inventory which will make even tricky access situations a breeze to deal with.  Contact our team to learn more about gantry scaffolding.