Full Architect Design

At MTEC Scaffolding, we specialise in everything related to scaffolding, which is a type of temporary structure, usually made from wooden planks and metal poles, on the outside of a building, used by construction workers whilst building, repairing, or cleaning a building. As part of our scaffolding services, we also provide full architect design for scaffolding systems.

Full architect design for scaffolding involves a high level of planning, providing design drawings and guidelines for the construction of scaffolding systems. Through the design, the level of risk is assessed in order to provide enhanced safety and security measures prior to the construction of the scaffolding to make it as stable and secure as possible, protecting both workers and any members of the public. As well as the design drawings, the plans also include information such as any modifications, notes on the property, dimensions, required permits and permissions, and additional construction notes. Scaffolding design engineers have the expertise to plan and create the frame plan for the scaffolding structure.

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