Scaffolding Surrey – Case study 4

Scaffolding Surrey – Case study 4

2300 square meters of bricklayer scaffolding in Surrey.

Scaffolding Surrey

Hersham Village – new build flats.

MTEC Scaffolding won the tender to supply a full perimeter, progressively built bricklayer scaffolding. The Scaffolding Surrey project consists of 14 new luxury apartments and penthouse.

The main contractor, Igloo Developments required a fast moving program completing a lift of scaffolding each week. This would allow the bricklayers to achieve their program. We were happy to agree to this schedule and work was completed on time.

In addition to the 2300 square meters of scaffolding, we erected two heavy-duty loading platforms. Each platform was designed to take a load of 5KN per meter square. This allowed materials to be craned to each floor. There was a total of 9 lifts of scaffolding which we then adapted for glass and render.

Scaffolding ties are always important but with a crane on site this became our top priority. The chance of a collision with the heavy loads being lifted presents additional risk of collapse. We use M16 wall anchors secured into the concrete frame and tested each tie to 8KN.

Further down the line the client required adaptions to the scaffolding to allow for a 500kg goods hoist plus additional loading platforms for a telescopic forklift. We worked in unison with the management team on site and found workable solutions for each requirement.

Site safety was another priority, especially falls from height. We worked to SG4 guidelines. This means boarding out from the safety of the lift below and fixing a single handrail before moving onto the new lift. Fixed line harnesses were used meaning our guys were safe at all times. With a large team working up to a height exceeding 18m we looked at ways to prevent the risk from falling materials. Using fixed barriers we created safe routes for site personal working below. Careful placement of signs redirecting traffic meant multiple tasks could be safely carried out.


MTEC Scaffolding wins the contract to supply a full perimeter bricklayer scaffolding working with new client Igloo Construction. The project is to build a new block consisting of 14 luxury apartments in Hersham Village, Surrey.

Client Requirements

A progressively build heavy duty bricklayer scaffolding with loading bays and staircase access. External ladder access, sheeting, brick guards and an edge protection, crash deck program to build the stairs and balcony areas. Regular attendance for a large team on a weekly basis following the brick courses around the building. Strong health and safety due to the large number of trades on site and presence of a crane servicing all side of the property. Weekly scaffolding inspections.

MTec Solution

Flexibility was a key part of the program as the order of work was continually altered due to design changes and delays with material. We kept regular contact with the client and adapted our work schedule accordingly.
Deliveries need to be carefully managed due to access a shared carpark with neighbouring retirement home.


"We contracted MTEC to supply and erect the scaffolding to our development of 14 luxury apartments in Surrey. We have found all MTEC employees to be professional, courteous and hard working. All aspects of H&S have been complied with efficiently and correctly. We can highly recommend them!

Chris Pettie (Igloo Developments Managing Director)."