Case Studies

Scaffolding London Case Study 3


This project in London's busy Nottinghill Gate area was to add a new floor to the Prince Edward Mansions apartment block comprising of one £7 million penthouse flat. The project would include repairs and redecoration to the front elevation, plus three elevations at the rear of the block, and one large central light well.
The scaffolding was 2,400 square meters and the project lasted over 18 months.

Client Requirements

Supply a special duty (5kn m2) gantry for storage and site facilities.
Include a 1.5tonne passenger/goods hoist and run off to access the roof level.
Erect scaffolding to all elevations for redecoration and general repairs and clad in white netting.
Erect birdcage to central light well with a heavy duty top lift for site offices, additional storage and well fair facilities.
Obtain all relevant licences.
Liaise with the neighbouring property management to obtain access for the rear elevations.

MTec Solution

We started by taking the site measurements and working out the best position for the hoist. There would be a large amount of materials needed for the build it was important to work out the best way to get them onto the roof around the detailed cornice and cast iron fencing.
Once this was done and the drawings were approved we began erection of the gantry.
Once the front elevation was complete we took the hoist run off up next to the hoist bridging over the loading area to maximise space.
All the materials for the light well and rear elevations had to be taken up and over the roof and would have to come back down over the new finished flat and without the benefit of the hoist. It was important to look at how this would work safely and without damaging the new rubber flat roof or the new zinc cladding. We used ply wood to protect the floor and edges of the cladding making sure that everything was safely secured down on the exposed roof area.


"Despite the many challenges with the Prince Edward Mansions project MTEC Scaffolding took a cooperative approach from the outset with a thoroughly considered design and costing proposal. MTEC's bid for this scaffolding contract stood out as the best value option. The owner of MTEC Scaffolding, Mark Pawsey was present in the process from concept to dismantling with specific emphasis on safety and efficient logistics. MTEC Scaffolding would be our preferred choice every time!

John Waites, City Interiors."